Zenitel Etronic

Zenitel Etronic ApS has modern and flexible production technologies where custom-made electronics are manufactured in small and medium series.

We have modern production equipment and is fully RoHS compliant. Our researchers are developing special electronics and embedded systems for a wide range of customers. Thanks to a flexible development and production, we manufacture everything from prototypes of 0-series for larger production runs.

Custom electronics 

Zenitel Etronic ApS participates in brainstorms early in development, By getting involved early in the process, we can ensure the shortest possible delivery to market by minimizing time spent from concept to production model. We have a years of  experience with marine electronics and the demands from products installed in a maritime environment.

For equipment made for harsh environments, our experience can help you make the right choiceof materials, tests and approvals.

Etronic Office

Etronic A/S
Rødeledsvej 95
DK-5700 Svendborg
Phone: +45 62 21 38 50
Fax: +45 62 22 45 50

Mail: infozet[at]zenitel[dot]com

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